Private and Group Singing, Songwriting, Composition and Music Theory for Children and Adults of all Levels.

I have been teaching singing since 2009. I teach nervous beginners as well as experienced singers and my pupils receive step by step coaching on basic techniques, performance, repertoire development, genre-specific vocal techniques, vocal effects and safe voice growth. Vocal exercises are tailored specifically to the pupils' areas needing development. Each pupil regularly receives exercises on an mp3 along with the notation from my catalogue of exercises: If there isn't an exercise to suit a specific need, I create one! As one of my pupils, you will learn up-to-date and tried and tested methods of increasing range, smoothing over problem areas of the voice and breathing, as well as improving your musical fluency and bringing to life your unique character as a singer. I encourage pupils to get used to listening to their own voices by doing lots of recordings as we go along we I find help them to target areas needing work.

My areas of specialism are Jazz, Musical Theatre and Popular Genres (including Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Blues and Soul). Many singers of these genres come for lessons out of frustration at not being able to hit high notes confidently, having a break in the voice or not being able to sing for long periods without it hurting. All of these things are perfectly treatable, and once we have established the basics we can explore the full potential of a singer's voice and performance.

Some pupils have very specific ideas about where they want to go, others need help getting started and some just want to nurture their hobby. Whatever your age, ability or requirements I treat each pupil with upmost care and respect in terms of their individuality, and I encourage creativity and enjoyment all the way. My lessons are always full of laughter alongside the learning!

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